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. >> are there any indications other than the anniversary if. >> you have to read on this, but the one big thing is that sarah has not been summoned back for a court appearance. perhaps that means something. they are trying to figure this out by looking at all the things surrounding b the issue. they don't have a reason to believe they will be released. >> it would be nice to put that in the news. >> thank you don. >>> well sources say there is significant progress in washington tonight. in a last minute stab at compromise, it appears there is some movement toward a debt deal. we are just three days away from that august 2 deadline to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a government default. jessica stone is in washington on the plan emerging right now. jessica. >> reporter: good evening, ann. senate republicans, we're told that tox between senate republicans and the white house are showing incredible promise. so much so that senate majority leader, harry reid, has postponed a vote to give the talks more time. behind the scenes negotiations at the white house saturday night gave some hope that c
a big part of the event was to help pay for her funeral. then set up a trust fund for her 2-year-old son. still activists from an empowerment program said they are shocked about how this union city mother was killed. >> a human being is dead. and a human being was burned alive. as a bay area community we need to be outraged. we cannot live in a society which is okay with violence against a woman. >> friends say she was a happy outgoing mother who loved her son. donations are still being accepted at the oakland ymca. and a $10,000 reward is being offered leading to the killer's arrest. >>> a young man who came here from the midwest has plans on a grand scale. mark sayre is in san francisco at the starting point for what is going to be a very long road ahead. hi, mark. >> reporter: long indeed, juliette. this journey will begin here tomorrow morning at san francisco fire station. 34. richmond district. this is a journey that is not only about endurance, it is also about honor. chris harly is a volunteer firefighter from wisconsin and it was 9/11 that attracted him to the fire service in th
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2